ABT revives Gaîté Parisienne

Metropolitan Opera House – New York, New York

Gaîté Parisienne

Running Time: 42 minutes

Cast: Veronika Part, Jared Matthews

Synopsis: With high-kicking can-can girls in eye-popping Christian Lacroix costumes, GaîtéParisienne celebrates the vivacious Café Society, performed to Offenbach’s sparkling melodies.

Choreography by: Léonide Massine
Staged by: Lorca Massine
Music by: Jacques Offenbach
Set by: Zack Brown
Costumes by: Christian Lacroix
Lighting by: Steven Shelley

Christian Lacroix’s costumes for Gaîté Parisienne. Photo: MIRA


Isadora Loyola, Skylar Brandt, and Cassandra Trenary in Gaîté Parisienne. Photo: Fabrizio Ferri.


Hee Seo and Marcelo Gomes in La Gaîté Parisienne. Photo: Gene Schiavone