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Ballet Floor Barre

4 septiembre, 2008

editora  Ballet Floor Barre

Ballet Floor Barre, Barra al Suelo, Barre à terre, Barre au Sol are the different names this discipline takes, created by the Russian Teacher Boris Kniaseff in the 50s. Ballet Floor Barre is a notable and valuable tool for all those who want to improve the classic technique.

When working on the floor, we learn more about our own body. One is more conscious at the moment of seeking and finding correct and appropriate methods for physical complexion. This practice helps to avoid aliments such as backache or muscular inconveniences produced by a sedentary life. Ballet Floor Barre is a notable and valuable tool for all those who want to improve the classic technique.

Originally, this discipline had been designed to continue the training of injured dancers but due to the extraordinary success its study provoked, and the physical achievements obtained due to this method – especially, en – dehors work – it has spread up and turned into an important and perfect complement of the inimitable traditional classic dance classes.

” Barre au sol ” technique uses the floor as a resistance limit of the exercises and it serves, among other things, to establish the suitable, exact and precise alignment of the vertebral column. In each exercise, a major extent of movement is gradually achieved. It is important that steps go together with the respiratory rate, which allows a better body control and a more effective instruction.

By means of this discipline inspired by classic dance movements, muscles are completely connected, unlike other kind of exercises in which they are not worked correctly or thoroughly.  Floor bare joins actions and elements such as strength and dynamic stabilization of the vertebral column, as well as toning up the pelvic zone and the inner thighs. This method offers an excellent session of exercises, besides it facilitates the essential and necessary strength to support balance and self body control.

Corporal balance has to work together with abdominal strength, good breathing and torso movements. The study of this discipline is always carried out through the centre of our body. These floor exercises readjust the vertebral column axis, relax joints and, in particular, they correct one of our time diseases: bad position and muscle stiffness.

Ballet Floor Bare allows to feel when and how we have to make our body work. It increases flexibility, strength and movement fluency since we feel how our musculature works in connection with our body axis. Alignment, position and difficult positions can be corrected and redefined as they are very easily located.

As we centre our physical structure on a correct alignment, our movements stretch out in a fluid soft way, since the accumulated tension -produced by bad habits- is release through the classes.

Ballet Floor Bare is destined to ballet professionals and the contemporary dance – among other dances. Also, for amateurs or people who want to kept fit, to strength and know their body in the same way the dancers do, without suffering the limitations that the study of classic dance has, such as  age or natural anatomy. Except for classic dance, there is nothing like its delicate, gradual and meticulous procedure of attracting a person in the same way ballet professionals do.

Unlike others type of dances, the study of the classic one can be considered as a systematic,  precise, progressive and highly detailed process which follows an exercise programme  that serve not only to train a dancer but also to body training and the development our mental and spiritual life.

Nowadays, Ballet Floor Barre is a methodology that attracts professionals and amateurs. Above all, the quality of the teaching is the decisive factor at the moment of deciding on this activity.

Information: Teacher Carolina De Pedro
Mobile telephone: 659241784 – info@carolinadepedro.com
Limited quotas – Adults and teenagers  – Reservation of quotas

editora  Ballet Floor Barre
Prof. Carolina de Pedro. Barcelona, 2012.
editora  Ballet Floor Barre
Prof. Carolina de Pedro. Barcelona, 2008.

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