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Mia Arbatova (1911 – 1990)

22 agosto, 2010

personalidades  Mia Arbatova (1911 – 1990)


personalidades  Mia Arbatova (1911 – 1990)

In1938, after a tour of recitals in the capitals of Europe, Mia Arbatova ,a soloist with the Riga Opera Ballet, arrived in Tel-Aviv to settle. Mia Arbatova's goal was to develop classical ballet in the country, In 1940 Mia was appointed dancer and choreographer of the " Amamit Opera".

Her marriage to the singer–actor Josef Goland initiated a partnership of various artistic activities: they established together the first satiric cabaret in Tel- Aviv, "Af-Al-Pi" ,and later the "Li-La-Lo" and "Do-Re-Mi" theaters to name a few.

In 1943 Mia opened her first ballet studio in a laundry, which was located on Yona Hanavi Street. With the years ,the studio moved into a wedding hall, a furniture store, a water-logged basement and finally to 72 Ben Gurion Blvd.(then Keren Kayemet Blvd).

At the time, ballet slippers were unknown in this country, so Mia taught a Tel-Aviv shoemaker how to make them. Mia accomplished all this in the face of much opposition and criticism, as ballet was then held to be a bourgeois art.

mia arbatova Israel ballet competitionAt its peak, the studio, one of the precious few in the country which had a wooden floor, a barre, mirrors and a piano, counted 500 pupils. Together with Mia Pick, her long–time assistant, Mia formed three generations of dancers, many of them distinguished artists in Israel. Many of her pupils received free tuition and some of them even lodged in her home, yet she never received any financial support or contribution from any public institution. Mia Arbatova's studio achieved a world-wide reputation and for many years was artistic home for prominent dancers and great choreographers while touring the country with their companies. Such names as Anton Dolin, Jerome Robbins, Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev, the London Festival Ballet, the Netherlands Ballet and the Kirov ballet.

personalidades  Mia Arbatova (1911 – 1990)

Mia Arbatova

In recognition of her talent and professionalism , Mia was asked to judge in many important international Ballet competitions. Clearly, this competition is a Homage to Mia's courage, vision, talent and unforgettable personality.

The Mia Arbatova Ballet Association

Under the framework of its activities to promote classical ballet in Israel, the Association founded a Trust Fund to support excelling dancers and to commemorate Mia Arbatova, pioneer of classical ballet, her unrelenting work and eminent contribution to classical ballet in Israel.

To encourage, support and advance talented young students of classical ballet. The Association initiated a biennial classical ballet competition in which financial Prizes are awarded to the winners, from the Mia Arbatova Trust Fund. Several of the participants in the ballet competition are dancing with companies In Israel and abroad.

Every other year a gala performance is held in order to raise funds for The Association, which gives ballet schools an opportunity to perform on a professional stage.

In this way the Association promotes classical ballet and works towards excellence in the standards of both teachers and students. The Association also raises the standards of classical ballet by inviting prominent teachers from abroad, to give courses to advanced students.

Additionally, since 2005, the Association and MATAN are providing "Pas de Deux" workshops for outstanding dancers.

  • The Association works in cooperation with:
  • The Suzanne Dellal Center for Theater and Dance,
  • The Dance supervision of the Ministry of Education,
  • The Department of Arts in the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

The Mia Arbatova Classical Ballet Association is a non-profit organization, whose members volunteer their services.

The Associations of the Mia Arbatova Ballet Competition
Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater
5 Yechiely St., Tel Aviv
Israel 65149


personalidades  Mia Arbatova (1911 – 1990)

Mia Arbatova Ballet Competition 


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Mia Arbatova y los comienzo del ballet clásico en Israel

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