Rudolf Nureyev, Celestial Attraction

Rudolf Noureev, l'attraction céleste

A look back at the life and art of Rudolf Nureyev. The film captures the genius of the dancer, the choreographer and the man and retraces this memorable artist's itinerary from 1938 to 1993.

Rudolph Nureyev & Sonia Paramo

The points of views alternate: we have those of Nureyev himself as well as personalities in the field of literature, politics, the visual arts and the sciences. All cast a fresh, unusual look at this master dancer and evoke what he represents most for them: perfection, beauty, intelligence and surpassing of oneself. The film interweaves newsreels and archive footage, photos and sound recordings from INA, the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, the National Dance Center and the New York Public Library to present a synthetic view of his unparalleled talent.

Rudolf Nureyev, Celestial Attraction

  • Actors : Rudolph Nureyev & Sonia Paramo
  • Format : Anamorphique, Couleur, PAL, Sous-titré, Cinémascope
  • Idiom : Anglais, Français
  • Subtitles : Allemand, Espagnol, Italien, Japonais
  • Région : Toutes les régions
  • Studio : Arthaus
  • Departure date DVD : 17 avril 2010
  • Duration : 53 minutes

Rudolph Nureyev, L'Attraction Céleste – Rudolf Nureyev, Celestial Attraction
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