Isadora Duncan International Institute in France

We invite you to journey to a world of earthy and exotic natural beauty where the rare combination of ancient Roman-Gallic and early-Modern energies will permeate our visits.

We shall enter a landscape with the French Alps as  backdrop: from sheer cliffs and rock faces; to fields, meadows and deltas; with spires of cypress and silvery olive, wild horses and flamingos; amidst amphitheaters and aqueducts, Medieval towns and towers, castles and fortresses, Gothic cathedrals and latter-day palaces of the rich and famous – all reaching to the Mediterranean Sea.

We shall breathe the air of much of the early Moderns’ momentum at the sacred sites and homes, studios and museums of figures abreast Isadora in the revolution of expression at the dawn and development of the 20th century. Inspiratrix to its essence, Isadora was dubbed ‘Muse of Modernism’, not simply as «the tenth Muse, but all nine Muses in one.»

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