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15 diciembre, 2008

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The choreographer Maurice Béjart (Marseille, 1927 – Lausanne, 2007) was one of the most brilliant artists of the 20th century.

The death of Maurice Béjart in  November 2007 was an irreparable loss for the world of art but, above all, it was a cataclysm for his own company.


The choreographer Maurice Béjart (Marseille, 1927 – Lausanne, 2007) was one of the most brilliant artists of the 20th century. He revolutionized the art of dance and conquered tens of thousands of spectators throughout the world, many of them indifferent to ballet until then. Throughout a long career in which he constantly surpassed himself, creations such as “The Rite of Spring”, “9th Symphony”, “The Firebird”, “Bolero”, “The Presbytery”… are landmarks that will remain in the memories and hearts of the public and are now part of the universal classic repertoire. His open, curious spirit, in the best enlightened tradition, his vigorous, magnificent inspiration make us feel proud of our old Europe which is still producing these examples of undying genius.
The death of Maurice Béjart in  November 2007 was an irreparable loss for the world of art but, above all, it was a cataclysm for his own company. Forty dancers from the five continents –the last to have worked directly with the maestro- have been orphaned and must work hard in order to survive.
The sacrifices, dreams, illusions and hopes of all of them are at stake. Still disconsolate at the maestro’s death, with the challenge of maintaining the company as a tribute to his figure, with personal uncertainty weighing on them… the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the company that, under different names, was directed by Béjart for fifty years, now faces an uncertain future. For the time being, Lausanne City Hall has prolonged its contract until 2010. Two years in which to find the way to continue or else break up irremissibly.

videos  Béjart Ballet Company


SHOW MUST GO ON – Béjart Ballet Company

“In order to continue, preserve, possess its work and its ballets”, Maurice designated the French dancer Gil Roman, a member of his company since 1979, as the accomplice and living memory of his work.
The new director of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne has to face the challenge of being on a par with the legacy he has received. Gil Roman has good reasons to give his all. He owes it to his maestro and he owes it to himself. But it’s not only going to be a question of willingness, which he has in surplus, he must also make the correct decisions. Each one of his choices will be decisive for the future of the company. Each one of his steps counts and he knows it. He knows his hour has come.
Our documentary aims to follow the company closely during the early days of this new decisive stage. We want to have them in close up when they present Maurices’s posthumous ballet in Basle, coinciding with the first anniversary of his death, and when, a month later in Lausanne, they perform the world premiere of a new program with choreographies by other authors. We want to be with them when they receive the sea of criticisms generated by the initiatives and, above all, we want to show that in art whoever resists, wins, and that the Béjart Ballet Lausanne is ready to do battle. By lopezlifilms


videos  Béjart Ballet Company

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Of Heart and of Courage – Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Béjart Ballet Lausanne y una película sobre el exigente mundo de la danza

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