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Body Ballet®: Exercise for Well-being

17 febrero, 2013

editora  Body Ballet®: Exercise for Well being

What is Body Ballet®?

Body Ballet® is a method developed from my experience as a dancer and teacher of ballet, modern dance and barre à terre. Like any other discipline, this physical fitness system has its own methodology, created as a result of my many years’ experience in the world of ballet and dance.

Body Ballet® incorporates many of the exercises and movements practised by dancers and former dancers as part of their daily training.

Body Ballet® tones up your body, increases your attention span and improves body alignment and posture. You will lose weight, naturally tone your muscles and sculpt your body. Jumps, elongations, abs, legs going up and down, and much more, while maintaining a good posture with the grace and poise of a ballerina.

It is a dynamic and novel fitness activity, which allows women to develop their inherent expression skills and, being designed for women, it requires style, imagination and elegance.

This is the reason why Body Ballet® is exclusively for women; it is closely related to creativity, leaving room to imagination and sensitivity to music.

Body Ballet must be acquired gradually, so initial class exercises and movements are very basic and easy. Every Body Ballet® exercise is learned slowly, allowing each person the time for every movement to become perfect.

Body Ballet® does not include any sudden or mechanical movements executed without awareness or attention, and therefore, it is a very smooth and natural technique.

During Body Ballet® classes we must set aside every distraction, as we learn to find and maintain the correct body posture, strengthen muscle tone, and especially, prevent the mind from wandering.

There are many women who do not want to take ballet classes or go to the gym, and it is for them that Body Ballet® was created. A method comprising a series of techniques that can be practised by women of all ages.

Being consistent with my way of thinking and feeling, my work is focused on those young and adult women who enjoy their Body Ballet® classes and are proud of practising it. My classes incorporate a series of exercises designed to have the maximum beneficial effects on the body while enhancing mental and physical well-being.

Body Ballet® is especially designed to be practised in a very smooth, flexible and flowing manner, avoiding sudden movements. Slimming, toning, elongating, it will improve your posture in a very short time. For women of all ages!

Welcome to Body Ballet®!

Carolina de Pedro Pascual


editora  Body Ballet®: Exercise for Well being
Body Ballet®: Fitness for women
A fitness regime promotes a healthy lifestyle, aimed at maintaining a well-balanced body and mind, bringing together physical exercise and a healthy diet to achieve harmony in life.

©2013 Danza Ballet


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