Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya

Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya | Danza Ballet 

Dominique Delouche, a filmmaker renowned for his ability to capture ballet, turns his attention to Maya Plisetskaya in this gorgeous, intimate feature.

The documentary chronicles Plisetskaya's life and career, from her earliest training to her days with the Paris Opera Ballet, all narrated by the ballerina herself. Delouche includes terrific footage of the famous dancer's performances in DON QUIXOTE, ROMEO AND JULIET, and SWAN LAKE.

By any standard, Soviet dancer Maya Plisetskaya (b. 1925) qualifies as one of the most vitally important ballerinas of the 20th century. She largely built her reputation on the basis of her ability to look beyond the scope of dance movements per se and invest each assignment with a characterization specific to that role. Legendary productions in which Plistskaya appeared included Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Bolero, and Romeo and Juliet. This documentary portrait from director Dominique Delouche presents Plistskaya as a woman riddled with a series of contradictions that often gained synchronicity onstage. It also touches on her successful attempt to invest her art form with a heightened modernity beginning with her collaborations with Maurice Bjart. ~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide.


  • Introduction (Maurice Béjart)
  • A Difficult Childhood
  • Dance Studies
  • Marriage to Shchedrin
  • The Bolshoi
  • Vladimir Vasiliev
  • “Don Quixote”
  • “Romeo and Juliet”
  • “Swan Lake”
  •  “Boléro”
  • “La Rose Malade”
  • Isadora Duncan
  • Invitation from Martha Graham
  • “Léda”
  • Closing  – Credits

Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya | Danza Ballet

Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya

Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya

Actors: Maya Plisetskaya, Maurice Bejart, Vladimir Vasiliev, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Céline Talon
Directors: Dominique Delouche
Format: NTSC
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Studio: Video Artists Int'l
DVD Release Date: May 5 2009
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