The Australian Ballet – The Sleeping Beauty

The Australian Ballet   The Sleeping Beauty | Danza Ballet 


A lavish new beauty for the modern age.

Fairies, bluebirds, a gilded court and a spell-shattering kiss: the world’s most extravagant ballet is awakened to new life by our Artistic Director David McAllister.

The Sleeping Beauty, with its Rose Adage, its grand pas de deux, its charming variations and its enchanting Tchaikovsky score, is the zenith of ballet’s golden age. Keeping true to the spirit of the traditional Beauty, David McAllister will direct a production that gives thrilling rein to the talents of the entire company. Lavish sets and costumes by Gabriela Tylesova, whose work for ballet, opera and theatre includes the much-lauded designs for Love Never Dies, will evoke the splendour of the Imperial court and the magic of fairies, nymphs and visions.

The much-anticipated world premiere of this landmark production will be the crowning moment of the year and perfect for all ages. Don’t miss the moment when this majestic Beauty opens her eyes.

Credits: The Sleeping Beauty (2015)
Director: David McAllister
Choreographer: Marius Petipa
Music: Piotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
Costume and set design: Gabriela Tylesova
Lighting design: Jon Buswell

With live orchestra

Prologue/Act 1: A spell that will change her life

Courtiers arrive, and a supernatural world of good and evil is unveiled. The fairies appear, then Carabosse and her attendants. Tensions rise in a confrontation between Carabosse and the King and Queen. The air chills with the dream-like sequence of Carabosse’s curse. The Lilac Fairy provides hope with a lighter sentence for Aurora – sleep, not death. The prologue shifts to a devious doublecross – weavers and their spinning wheels receive banishment, not death. A disguised Carabosse, who has duplicitously endeared herself to the king, is now welcomed at Aurora’s birthday.

A growing garden conveys the passing of time. Aurora turns 16 and a proposal of marriage seems imminent as her four suitors present themselves to the court. Carabosse’s gift brings her curse to life. The Lilac Fairy weaves her magic and Aurora and the palace sleep. The trees continue to grow …

Act II: The hunt, vision and awakening

The hunt scene introduces a lonely and despondent Prince, another of the Lilac Fairy’s charges. She shows Prince Florimund a sleeping Aurora and a vision of how it all came to pass. Heartstruck, the Prince searches for his true love. On instruction from the Lilac Fairy, he unlocks his future and awakens Aurora with his kiss. The palace wakes with her and the promise of a marriage and a shared future for the kingdom is secured.

Act III: The wedding celebration and a future restored

A pageant to royalty, a celebration of marriage and coronation. Light, a symbol of life, is restored and the scene opens with shining candelabras rising to the ceiling to cast light across the palace and the kingdom. Festivity reminiscent of Louis XIV’s fete champêtres, with costumed story-book characters and a masked ball. Opulent costumes, the Bluebird of Happiness, and the Grand Pas de Deux for Aurora and the Prince take us to the coronation and the royal responsibilities of a new dynasty.

The Australian Ballet   The Sleeping Beauty | Danza Ballet
Lana Jones as Sleeping Beauty. Photography by Georges Antoni

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