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Beauty, health and well-being with Body Ballet®

5 febrero, 2013

Turning 40 does not have to be a burden. Accepting the passing of time with optimism, serenity and dignity should be something natural and gratifying. However, without any help or support, it is difficult to understand that turning 40, 50 or 60 does not mean the end of beauty or elegance.

My age and experience make me share many women’s determination to stay beautiful, healthy and full of life, without giving up flirtation, glamour, beauty and style. As you age, you should let energy flow out of your body!

For the last 10 years I have been teaching modern dance and classical ballet to women of all ages. Through our conversations, I have become aware of their anxieties, dreams and hopes. We work, share our joys and celebrate the accomplished goals together.

There are some important events in the life of a woman, such as motherhood or the menopause, that mark and worry us. Our body notices them and, unless we do something to help these processes, those physical changes can turn against us. Physical exercise helps maintain muscle strength and bone mineral density and prevent depression.

Menopause does not happen overnight. It is a gradual and silent process that starts around 40 years of age and culminates when women are about 50, or even older. Osteoporosis is one of the most worrying diseases associated to the menopause.

editora  Beauty, health and well being with Body Ballet®
Body Ballet®. For women of all ages!

As a woman, I am totally convinced that it is essential to face such life changes with a positive attitude, as they are times to start taking care of, but also to enjoy ourselves.

My experience has led me to create Body Ballet: classical, modern and barre à terre.

Body Ballet® offers effective dance and ballet-based barre, centre and floor exercises, designed to sculpt the body. Regular exercise re-vitalises the body, so it is important to incorporate it to our daily routine.

Body Ballet® requires style, imagination and elegance. For women of all ages!

Smooth effortless deep and relaxed abdominal breathing, which requires training. Body Ballet® is a dynamic, varied and novel fitness activity, which allows women to develop their inherent performing and expression skills. Body Ballet® must be acquired gradually, so initially class exercises and movements are basic and easy.

Every Body Ballet® exercise is learned gradually, allowing the time for every movement to become perfect. Movements are always smooth and natural. Body Ballet® does not include any sudden or mechanical movements.

Body Ballet® is exclusively for women; it is closely related to creativity, leaving room to imagination and sensitivity to music.

This is the reason why I have created Body Ballet®; different and efficient exercises; customised classes to suit every woman’s needs that will change their body and the way they feel it; classes designed to work out and sculpt the body without exhaustion, which are dynamic and very effective.

Welcome to Body Ballet® in Barcelona!

Carolina de Pedro Pascual

web Body Ballet®

editora  Beauty, health and well being with Body Ballet®

editora  Beauty, health and well being with Body Ballet®
Body Ballet®

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