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Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class

8 noviembre, 2012

editora  Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class

Silk crêpe Georgette skirts for women and young ladies who do ballet.

This is the classical Vintage-style model worn at the Olga Kirowa studio and at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires by professional students and dancers, as well as former dancers, some 30 to 60 year-old ladies. 

At Danza Ballet students of all ages take classical ballet, modern dance and barre à terre classes very seriously and with total normality, as it is something completely normal.

The skirts are not short, but longer at the back and slightly shorter at the front. We have created them in a variety of different colours including black, dark green, gray and pale pink. They are crossed and tied at the waist by straps. Each skirt is a unique item, made by hand.

Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class are designed for comfortable class work, so that ladies can stop worrying whether their skirt is too short or they are showing too much leg. They are not skirts for children, but for adult ballet dancers.

It is extremely important that we feel comfortable and we like the clothes we wear during ballet class, as they are a reflection of our style and a portrait of ourselves and our personalities. At Danza Ballet students of all ages take classical ballet, modern dance and barre à terre classes very seriously and with total normality, as it is something completely normal.

I saw and experienced this in cities like New York, Moscow and Buenos Aires some time ago, and more recently in Paris. Ballet, barre à terre and modern dance are activities that can be practised, studied and enjoyed regardless of age, once we have understood that some people hope to make a professional career out of it, while others just want to experience a joyful environment, a fulfilling encounter with music, art, culture, and themselves.

Young and adult people can find that place and time of deep enjoyment through dance. This is the philosophy behind my classes and my source of motivation. This is the philosophy of Danza Ballet.

Therefore, it is important to have a fresh look, miles away from the little-girl style eternally associated with the world of classical dance, a style which is well liked but unwillingly creates a stereotype that limits its scope excluding so many people.

Price, comfort and style in the new Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 “I love Ballet, I love Dance” collection.

dB skirts for ballet class
Unit price:

  • Length 38 cm: €27
  • Length 45 and 48 cm: €33
  • Registered Post Spain: 3€
  • Registered Post International: 10€
  • PayPal or bank transfer payment

For additional information, please contact  info@carolinadepedro.com

editora  Danza Ballet skirts for ballet classFacebook DVD Clase de balle


editora  Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class

editora  Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class

editora  Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class

Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class  ©Danza Ballet



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editora  Danza Ballet skirts for ballet class

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