Master-classes Dance Open festival 2015

Master classes Dance Open festival 2015 | Danza Ballet 

Absolutely no art can exist in closed and isolated space. And it is especially important in the world of ballet.

Choreography is one of the most rapidly developing and dynamic arts, where skills are passed carefully from a teacher to a student.

To grow professionally it is extremely necessary to share experience with students by demonstrating unique methods of teaching at Russian ballet schools and discovering various features of foreign work with students. The organizers of the festival believe this comparison and analysis of different techniques is the main goal of the master-classes.

The master-classes for young ballet dancers are the very first tradition and integral part of the International Ballet Festival DANCE OPEN. They unite the best and the most perspective students from all over the world. Through the years, over 700 young dancers came to St. Petersburg from Japan, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic,  Netherlands, Lithuania, Brazil, Panama, and other countries – and also from many cities of  Russia.

Working with the younger generation the Festival contributes into the process of the future united ballet area formation. Besides that DANCE OPEN supports wide spreading of the Russian ballet school tradition, which is considered to be the best in the world. Among the coaches of DANCE OPEN master classes one can name legendary ballet professors as Gennady Selyutsky and Elvira Tarasova, highly demanded coaches as Anastasia Vasilieva, Nikita Scheglov and Igor Petrov, internationally renowned stars as Uliana Lopatkina, Yulia Makhalina, Vladimir Malakhov, Anton Korsakov, and many others.

Students who come to participate in the master-classes take part in the Gala of Young Ballet stars. To perform at the professional stage in the very motherland of the Russian ballet becomes a real celebration and a very big responsibility for young artists.

Click here if you would like to join the DANCE OPEN master classes in 2015.

One of the distinctive features of the DANCE OPEN is its educational program of master-classes. For more than 10 years the Festival gives young dancers a unique chance to participate in the master-classes held by the leading teachers from the Vaganova Academy and then perform at the Gala and show their skills and abilities. That Gala is a serious show for professionals and fans where they could figure out who of those “small birds” will grow up into “swans” and who of them would be a reason for the world theatres to fight for.

Anna Gordeeva, Novoe vremya

Master classes Dance Open festival 2015 | Danza Ballet
Master-classes Dance Open festival 2015.


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