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MDM, the Muse Dancewear Movement

12 septiembre, 2012

articulos de danza  MDM, the Muse Dancewear Movement


We are a brand new dancewear company, but we are certainly not new to dance or dancewear. We have been working very hard for many years and MDM is the result of years of hard work and determination. We are extremely excited that dancers and dance teachers all over the world can now purchase the first four MDM products released on the market.

MDM believes that a passion for dance coexists with imagination and creativity and that a dancer has a creative voice that needs to be heard.

These products have been specifically designed to assist the dancer in ways never before seen in dance footwear and we believe the sooner these products infiltrate the dance world, the better off our art form will be. So help us spread the word, and lets make dance more fun and safer than ever before !

  • MB100 Intrinsic. Canvas splitsole ballet
  • MB115 Elemental. Leather splitsole ballet
  • MJ320 Protract. Leather splitsole jazz
  • MM500 Exo. Compression Tech modern dance shoe

MDM Nation is an initiative that will allow the dance community to be involved in the discussion and commercialisation of MDM dancewear. We will create products selected by you !at needs to be heard.

MDM is made up of a team that can deliver high quality relevant dancewear to a rapidly changing market. We are ex-professional dancers connected to the dance industry family and we are designers that have produced products for the largest dancewear and sportswear companies. We are in touch with the latest technologies and innovation, we are young, energetic and passionate and everything we do must promote the art of dance.
MDM is a brand new dancewear company that launched in 2011.

articulos de danza  MDM, the Muse Dancewear Movement

MDM, the Muse Dancewear Movement

MDM Muse Dancewear Movement patented technology. How does it work to make you a stronger dancer?

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