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Sibiu International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

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18 Abril, 2011

Welcome to Sibiu International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition!

Here we are on the fourth consecutive edition and this year the competition takes place between 27th and 30th of June in the ambience of the Union House of Culture of Sibiu according to the tradition.

27-30 June 2011, Romania.

As in any other respectful competition of the kind the main aim is to bring valuable young talents to limelight, providing a launching pad for exceptional interpretation careers on national and international level.

Besides the value of the financial prizes promised, participating in the contest equals to the opportunity to enter into a job agreement or any other collaboration with ballet companies in Romania and elsewhere abroad. The competition has acquired—in the short-run—a high reputation within the context of choreographic competition worldwide, due both to the prestige of the jury members and the artistic skills as well as the professional quality of the winners.

The jury has been formed of former stars of international ballet—some ballet masters of today, others ballet company managers—like Irek Mukhamedov, Cristina Hamel, Sergiu Stefanschi, Mikhail Tchoupakov, Alexander Hoffman, etc.

The founding manager of the Competition is Mr. Ovidiu Dragoman, also the manager of the Ballet Theatre in Sibiu, he himself a former ballet dancer.

The first editions hosted young artists from SUA, Canada, Franţa, Japonia, Belgia, Moldova, Coreea de Sud, Serbia, Grecia şi România.

During your staying in Sibiu you will have the opportunity to experience professionally enriching situations along with the entertainment offered by an authentic medieval town as the European Capital of Culture 2007.  All in all, an unforgettable experience waiting for you!

Sibiu International Ballet and Contemporany Dance Competition

  • 27-30 June 2011,Romania-Sibiu.
  • Registration period: april 01-may 15, 2011.

More info: www.sibiu-ibc.ro

concursos   Sibiu International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition

 Sibiu International Ballet and Contemporany Dance Competition


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