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The International Festival Diaghilev. P.S.

18 septiembre, 2009

This year we celebrate the centenary of the Russian Seasons, Sergey Diaghilev’s great creation. This important date is honored by festivals, exhibitions and cultural events in Europe, America, Australia.

In 2009 we celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Sergey Diaghilev's Russian Seasons.

This year we celebrate the centenary of the Russian Seasons, Sergey Diaghilev’s great creation. This important date is honored by festivals, exhibitions and cultural events in Europe, America, Australia. Sergey Diaghilev discovered Russian art for the west and turned it into a significant factor of influence on the development of the international culture of the XX century. Nothing seemed impossible for the great impresario — the only project that he failed to realize was return to St Petersburg. For the Russian audience the phenomenon of Diaghilev has forever become a legend.

St Petersburg state museum of Theatre and Music, the holder of all Diaghilev’s memorabilia left in Russia, State Hermitage museum and State Academic Alexandrinsky theater have initiated the first International Festival of Arts «Diaghilev. Postscriptum», which will be held in St Petersburg from 12 to 19 October 2009. Different events will be presented by most significant cultural institutions of St Petersburg. The Governor of the city Valentina Matvienko and minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexandre Avdeev supported the idea and have become co-chairs of the Honorable Committee of the Festival.

Sergey Diaghilev is one of the most significant figures of the 20th century culture. He made it possible for Russian art to enter the international scene and become an important trend in world culture.

Before turning his eyes to the West, Diaghilev with his inherent passion, fervor and perfectionism made an effort to reform cultural life of Russia. He was one of the founders and ideologists of the «Mir Iskusstva» («World of Art») artistic movement and the publisher of the magazine with the same name (1898-1904). It was him who organized in Saint-Petersburg several brilliant exhibitions of contemporary European artists and the famous exhibition of Russian portrait art of the XVIII-XIX centuries, that became a real sensation for the Russian audience, because it included more than two thousand portraits, most of which had not been previously shown to the public.

In 1906 Diaghilev started his life-long campaign for the promotion of Russian art in the West. Diaghilev was, without doubt, flattered by his likeness to Peter the Great, as his friends told him, and this may be one of the reasons why he thought of his plan of Russia’s cultural expansion to Paris, London and other European capitals as the continuation of Peter’s mission to «open a window on Europe». The exhibition of Russian icons and painting, which was first presented in the 10 Halls of the “Grand Palace» («Grand Palais») in Paris and later shown in Berlin, Monte-Carlo and Venice, was a big surprise to the European public, who couldn’t have imagined Russia to have such a rich artistic tradition. And that was just the beginning.

In 2009 we celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Sergey Diaghilev's Russian Seasons.

the ballet russes  The International Festival Diaghilev. P.S.

Programme Of The International Festival «Diaghilev. P.S.»


12 October, Mon
Alexandrinsky Theatre
Opening of the Festival. John Neumeier’s Gala Tribute to Diaghilev. Hamburg Ballet Company

– Le Pavillon d'Armide
– Vaslaw
– Le Sacre

13 October, Tue
Great Philharmonic Hall
Opera Gala Tribute to Diaghilev
Conductor Mikhail Tatarnikov
State Academic Symphony Orchestra of St Petersburg

Alexandrinsky Theatre
Hamburg Ballet Company
John Neumeier’s Gala Tribute to Diaghilev.

– Le Pavillon d'Armide
– Vaslaw
– Le Sacre

14 October, Thu
State Hermitage
Opening of the Exhibition Dance. Homage to Diaghilev

15 October, Wed
State Russian Museum
Opening of the Exhibition Diaghilev. The Beginning

16 October, Fri
State Hermitage
Russian Ballet Academy Performance at the Hermitage Theatre
St Petersburg State University
International conference «My Friends – Heroes of Legends…»

17 October, Sat
State Museum of Ethnography
Opening of the Exhibition Inspired by the Silver Age
Gala Dinner and Ball Jewels in Ballet

18 October, Sun
Sheremetev Palace (Museum of Music) and St Petersburg House of Music present Imperial Collection. Concert of young soloists playing unique musical instruments

19 October, Mon
Alexandrinsky Theatre
Closing of the Festival
Ballet Gala featuring International Stars including performance by the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia.

the ballet russes  The International Festival Diaghilev. P.S.


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Ballets Russes – the centennial 2009


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