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Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017

12 diciembre, 2016

certamenes  Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017

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certamenes  Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017


From 10 to 30 July, 2017 in Alicante. Thanks to the outstanding success and prestige obtained in the previous years, Russian Masters Ballet Camp stands internationally as a reference to which the most outstanding ballet institutions in the world have high regard. This growth and evolution has led them to extend their professional connections to all continents, making it possible to multiply exponentially the opportunities of their students who, through Russian Masters, can choose, if prepared, the best institutions and ballet companies in the world.

certamenes  Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017

An authentic talent launch that has managed to bring together the most outstanding and valued professors in each field, thanks to the high standards of quality, methodical seriousness and professional commitment offered. Thus, the best teachers of the prestigious Vaganova Academy, for example, all opt for this intensive that brings together, after auditions, the great promising students of ballet coming from more than 30 countries around the world, turning Russian Masters In the most international course with the best professional environment. For three weeks the students receive classes of all the most important techniques in the training of a classical ballet artist: classical dance, repertoire, character dance, acting and other vital subjects such as ballet history or professional skills development classes. All in a luxury residence, the Complejo San Juan, located on the fabulous beaches of Alicante. The conservatories of Novelda and Alicante are the places chosen for the classes, all with air conditioning and facilities of first level.

As always, at the end of the course the lucky students will have the opportunity to share stage with the best soloists of the Mikhailovsky Theater in the Stars Gala in front ofone thousand spectators in the Principal Theater of Alicante. In 2017 also incorporate major improvements and new talents as the teacher of boys group Andrey Yermolenkov, considered unanimously the best specialist in male technique at the Vaganova Academy.

They are aware that they have set the bar very high, the unequivocal proof of this are all the students who, thanks to their experience in Russian Masters, already shine in the best schools and ballet companies of the world: Evgeniya Victory González (dancer at Mariinsky Theater ) Valerie Macías, Jorge Palacios and Raúl Ferreira (students at Vaganova Academy), Paulina Lopez, Hugo Martínez, Ana Maria Espadas and Ana Maria Hernández (students of Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin), Yaiza Toledo and Abril Vidal (students of John Cranko Stuttgart) … And a long etcétera. By 2017 they have already awarded important scholarships to students of 2016: 1 scholarship of 100% of the course and 6 scholarships of 50%. Even so, they have increased the quota of aid for this year and will distribute more than € 50,000 in scholarships to all who come to the Spanish auditions. All, of course, in their line of social assistance and fair prices. In their own words: “We will continue to demonstrate that professionalism can transcend profit, so entrenched, unfortunately, in our discipline.

The ballet deserves better, students deserve to be helped, not exploited. And above all they deserve professional training and advise of their abilities and skills. The dream of any child should not be allowed to be commercialized. In Russian Masters we have drawn a line made only of truth and honesty to show that a sincere valuation based on professionalism and in the sector itself is better than a sweet, greedy lie”.

“In 2017, we will put our hearts into every detail so that all students can optimize their abilities. We want to bring the authentic and successful Vaganova method, with its best representatives, to more students so that they discover that dreams can materialize, that there is another way of doing things. We will go further because we have optimized the programs and we count with more and better teachers. We have expanded our professional network that already reaches all continents and includes the best academies, schools and ballet companies, to give output to the dreams of our students who are our true engine.”

Course dates: 10-30 July, 2017.
Location: Professional Dance Conservatory of Novelda
Accommodation arranged: Complejo Hotelero San Juan


  • Professional Course.
  • Elementary and Semiprofessional courses.
  • Classical Ballet Methodology Course by Vaganova Method (accredited by the Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valenciana).

Ballet for AdultsTeachers:

  • Current teachers of Vaganova Academy: Galina Enikeeva, Elena Alkanova, Polina Rassadina, Andrey Yermolenkov, Tatiana Cherkashina.
  • Teachers of Boris Eifman Theater and School and graduates in Vaganova: Tatiana Sevostianova (during the 25 years she was a head tutor of the Eifman Ballet), Anna Podlesnaya, Dmitry Shevtcov, Alina Solonskaya, Iliya Osipov.
  • Professors graduated in Vaganova Academy: Anastasia Sevostianova, Natalia Pavlikova, Svetlana Efimova, Asiya Lukmanova.


Date: January 28, 2017
Place: Dance School Duque

Date: January 29, 2017
Place: Professional Conservatory of Dance “Jose Espadero”

Date: February 2, 2017
Place: Professional Conservatory of Dansa

Dates: February 4, 2017
Place: Institut del Teatre

VIDEO AUDITION: Info@russianmastersballet.com

Date: July 30, 2017
Place: Principal Theater of Alicante

Guest Stars first confirmations:
IVAN ZAYTCEV – principal soloist of Mikhailovsky
SVETLANA BEDNENKO – soloist of Mikhailovsky

Participants: Students of the Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017.
Duration: 95 min
Ticket sales: at the ticket offices of the Teatro Principal de Alicante
From 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
Tel. + (34) 965 202 380

Online sales: www.instanticket.es
Price: 20, 30 and 35 €



Download press release in English in pdf

certamenes  Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017

Nota de Prensa – Difusión solicitada por:

certamenes  Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017

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